Summer Bucket List

Everyone loves summer, right? From the classic movies to our friends, the time of good weather and loosened responsibilities is bigged up to be the best time of our lives. Though, with the freedom, occasionally comes boredom.
I’m annually guilty of creating expectations of the time off to be the most amazing, fun-filled 6 weeks of the year, and frankly, I have found myself facing September having not accomplished what I intended to.

This year, in a budding attempt to actually make this the best summer yet, I have compiled a list of things I’d like to achieve, a sort of summer bucket list, if you like.

In addition to this, I intend to document some moments where I complete something on the list, by videoing and taking many photos, so that the summer of 2018 will be a time I’ll be able to relive in years to come. I’ve also realised that by creating a bucket list with friends, allows you to rope them in with the activities, so that they aren’t complete strangers when school rolls back around.

My list contains a mixture of things, from simple and typical to rather more unique , and I’ve decided to keep it brief, with only twenty-five things, so that I stand some chance in completing it.

1. eat icecream on the beach

2. go to a camp

3. have a movie marathon

4. tie dye clothes

5. read at least five books

6. build a fort with friends

7. wake up early (or stay up?) to watch the sunrise

8. visit a new place

9. go to a party

10. do something super spontaneous

11. watch fireworks

12. go to a fair/ festival

13. camp out in the garden

14. eat at an unfamiliar restaurant

15. go shopping and only try on things your friend chose

16. make a summer playlist

17. have a summer movie marathon (Mamma Mia, soul surfer and camp rock are my personal favourites)

18. have a pizza party

19. climb a mountain

20. have a picnic in the park

21. follow some instagram/ pinterest recipes (maybe have a mini bake off in the process?)

22. volunteer!!

23. create a 2018 scrapbook

24. finish a series on netflix

25. go swimming

Regardless of whether you have an already jam-packed holiday or you’re looking for some extra plans I hope this has inspired you to get the most out of your break.
Have a great summer!

Lauren x

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