1 year later & Meet the team!

1 year later…

Made For More started off as a vision by a group of teens after we felt God calling us to start a blog where young women could connect and build relationships and seek advice about Faith, Life and Beauty! Here we are one year on with 60 posts up, 8000 + views, 2000 + visitors, 10 + authors, and visits from 40 + countries! It’s crazy to think about where we have come considering all of us are in full time education!




Name: Darby Grace

Age: 16

About me: Heya! I moved to Wales 6 years ago with my family to church plant and have been here ever since! I am studying Maths, Psychology and  English literature for my A levels! I am pumped for the future and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in my life and the lives of those around me! I love: writing, maths (don’t hate me), and reading (fav all time book has got to be Narnia or Harry P – childhood classics) I love seeing young people reach their full potential and finding freedom and peace in Jesus! (I’m also awful at winking as demonstrated above)


Name: Lucy

Age: 17

About me: 3 things I love: Jesus, Plants and Fashion. I’m about to enter my final year of school (whhattt?!!!) and so this time next year I’ll be leaving home which is crazy. I currently study Art, English Language and Biology- all are great. I’m so passionate about seeing young people fully going for God and living in the freedom he brings. That’s partly why we started this blog. I am not sure what God is going to do with me in the future but I’ve decide to quit worrying and pray for peace and guidance instead. What I do know is that it will be an adventure.


Name: Olivia
Age: 17

About me: Hi I’m Olivia! I’m studying art, history and biology for A level and am in my final year of sixth form.I love doing anything creative and artsy or anything involving chocolate and cake! For me, more important than all of these things is my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I am definately not perfect but I am confident in my saviour who was perfect for me! I’m passionate about creating an open and honest atmosphere amongst God’s people which is one of the reasons why I am one of the blog writers!


Name: Daisy


About me: Hiya! My name’s Daisy and I’m 16. I moved to North London with my family when I five years old to church plant, and have been here ever since! I’ve just started sixth form and I’m taking French, English Lit and R.E… in my spare time I like to hang out with people from my church youth group and other youth groups. I also like to write and draw as well 🙂 One of my biggest wishes is to see friends and family outside of church know Christ and also be a part of church family too.

Name: Indigo

Age: 16

About me:  I live in south east London and I’m currently studying Geography, Sociology and English Literature at sixth form. I’m passionate about Jesus because he’s the coolest guy I know, and I love our world and learning about the environment. I’m quite an introvert and would happily spend a whole day reading or watching Netflix in bed! I really enjoy sports; I’m part of a running club and go cycling with my dad from time to time (follow me on Strava!).



Name: Lauren

Age: 16

About me: I’m Lauren, I’m 16 and currently studying English lit, geography and biology at sixth form. I live in Wales with my family and two dogs. I LOVE pizza, and love nothing more than a night in with good food and good people. Above all I love Jesus, my passion is to tell as many people as possible of the unconditional love of our God.

One thought on “1 year later & Meet the team!

  1. Great post! It’s amazing how much MFM has grown through just one year! I will continue to read your blog and I’ll always be excited to do so! You’re all beautiful and lovely wholehearted ambassadors for Christ! 😘 xxxxx

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