Festival Review: Davids Tent 

I recently went to this Christian event called ‘David’s Tent’ which is seventy-two hours of continuous worship in a big blue tent-you could literally stay up until three in the morning just worshiping God. At first, I was apprehensive about the whole idea because I didn’t know what to expect but what I found over the three days was that I spent most of my time with and worshipping God. After going to Newday for so many years I always felt that I got the ‘right amount’ of God from those few hours in the mornings and evenings but I discovered that I loved being with God and I spent almost all my time just breathing him in. It was ‘beautiful surrender’-where I wanted to be. (As described by Melissa and Johnathan Helser in their song ‘Beautiful Surrender’) I loved every single minute there because I just enjoyed being in God’s presence and having him talk to me and through me.

I was reminded by a friend recently that many people worry too much about what God has said and how that will affect them. They worry that what God’s calling them to do is too much and that they cannot handle it. But what they should be doing is marvelling at the fact that God, the God that made the world and saved Daniel from the Lion’s den and whom has done so many amazing and beautiful things has just spoken directly to them and has a plan for them. Words cannot describe how incredible that is. Worry should not even enter our mind at that point. Our immediate response should be to marvel at our Father who loves us so deeply and infinitely and how he has just spoken to us. If he wants us to do something, and is calling us to be his hands somewhere, then there is no need for fear because he will be with you where you go.

As a generation, we need to start loving being with God and stop worrying about our futures, because as long as we love the Lord our God with all our hearts and worship Him then nothing that comes our way will throw us or harm us. Worship is a state of being that we can access at any time in any place, we don’t have to wait for music or to be in a big blue tent with other people to get lost in God’s grace and wonder. We need to stop thinking about the when, where and how and look to the one who made us and enjoy being in His love. Here is nothing greater than the joy we can have in God if we only focus on Him. We don’t have to get rid of everything when we come to Him, in fact bring your weeks events to worship because all the bad and horrible things you have in your life will not stay long when you come to the feet of God and breathe in and sing to him. We have the holy spirit within us always and we can access heaven 24/7 so what is there stopping us from losing ourselves in God whenever we want? Let us praise him in our bedrooms, in our schools, on the streets because God is so worthy to be praised, the more we are with Him and the more time we spend in Him the more of God you have in your life; its only through Him that you will be fully satisfied and able to do amazing things. All that we do should be to bring him glory in every way possible because everything that He tells you He is doing to do is going to flow from your enjoyment and trust in him.

In short, I have two things to say to you: enjoy being a child of God and spend your days in wonder at Him. 

(You need to get yourself to David’s tent next year because I can tell you, you will not regret it.)
Katie x

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