Festival Review: Newday

A couple weeks ago the Made For More team headed to the Newday festival in Norfolk, UK and had an AMAZING time! I decided to write a review on the festival and share with you guys some of my favourite moments of the week!

I have been going to Newday for 11 years now, and love that every year I bring away something fresh and exciting from the event. There are loads of great seminars, workshops and meetings where you can explore your faith, ask questions and meet new people!

My favourite thing about going to Newday is coming away so encouraged and reminded that there are thousands of teenagers going through and believing the same thing as me. I love being in an environment where people have the same values as you.

It’s so encouraging having people you’ve never met worshipping next to you, as well as seeing so many lives touched by the Holy Spirit!

We also had the privilege of having Francis Chan, along with many others come and speak this year. Francis Chans’ talk was INCREDIBLE! He talked about the power and fear of God and how incredible and impossible He is to fathom and understand. Yet we should think about who He really is when we pray and worship him! (Highly reccomend you listen to his talk- on Newdays soundcloud!).

Some new music this year too! Check it out on Freedomsoundsuk ‘s Youtube channel or on spotify via ‘Newday’!

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 15.49.10
Paint War! Via instagram @newdayevent
One of the highlights of the week was definitely meeting up with the Made For More team, us gals are from all over the UK so it’s quite hard for us to get together! It was so awesome to sit down and chat together about the blog, life and our vision for Made for More’s future! Newday almost marks the 1 year anniversary of MFM, as it was after last years festival that Lucy and I decided to kick it off!


It’s important to remember that while Newday is amazing, it is only one week in the year. What is so good about the festival is that you spend so much time in Gods presence. And what’s good about that, is that God is still with us when we are back to our everyday lives! You are worshiping that same God at a festival like Newday as you are back home. So keep going for him and making time each day to spend with him- that’s when the good stuff happens. 

Darby x


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