What does a call to mission really look like?

Recently I met a lovely young woman who is a ‘missionary’s kid’, as we talked she told me all about how she grew up in India and moved around and across the world throughout her childhood before moving to the UK on her own at 16, to do her A levels. We talked and talked and the life God-filled life she had lead seemed so attractive! As the conversation continued I asked “so do you think that you are called to be a missionary?”…. And well she just smiled and said “I think we are all called to be missionaries”

That really struck a cord with me and made me think about what leading a life of mission for God really looks like. She and I talked about the bible verse that says “go and make disciples of ALL nations” and I loved the way that she put it, she made it sound so simple!

God really does call all of us to a life of missionary and discipleship but that doesn’t neccesairily mean you need to go half way across the world! And sure, whilst that may be the case for some people, (or you even!), he calls us all to be missionaries in our day-to-day lives wherever we are!

He calls you to be a missionary in your school, your workplace, your home and among your friends by living a Jesus-filled life and showing people what that means and how awesome it is! God calls us to love people and that is what we should do! We can be missionaries by telling people about God and showing people why being a Christian is so life-changing!

The way you talk with your friends, the effort you put into things at school and work and the way you act on social media all speaks mountains about your character and Jesus’ influence in your life! If your friends know you are christian, remember that you’re representing Jesus when you’re with them! Now that doesn’t mean being all goody-to-shoes and boring, it means showing them the freedom that you get from living a life in Jesus! The freedom to be your true self and rejoicing in the fact that we are redeemed, rescued and forgiven!

Now that truly is a calling we can all take on in our lives! And so yes, I do believe we are all called to be missionaries for Christ, wherever we are and whatever our circumstances. We can always show others, tell others and pray for and with others. We can be shining lights for Jesus in a world of darkness.

Darby x

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