The Perfect Sleepover

Summer time is sleepover season, as we crash at all our friends house just because we can! Here we’ve complied a list of some things that we love about sleepovers to help you make yours a little more special!

Take a ton of photos

Then post them all over social media like a true millennial

Watch a movie

Check out our Netflix recommendations for inspo!

Make a fort

A couple of sheets over the backs of some chairs should work right?


Because no sleepover’s complete without this culinary wonder (also check out our ‘pizza in a mug‘ post for inspo!)

Talk well into the night over a cup of tea

Tea is imperative to a good chat

Matching PJ’s

ULTIMATE sleepover goals!!

Face masks

Leaving your faces feeling fresh ‘nd peachy (check out Indigo’s post for inspo!)

Make breakfast together

Breakfast/brunch is the best meal of the day

And that’s it for today! Let us know what other things you think help to make a sleepover amazing in the comments! Enjoy your summer of late nights and even later mornings pals!

Darby x

 so 2.jpg

(p.s I am!)

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