How to: Memory Jar

So I always struggle to recall all those happy precious memories I’ve made throughout the year and think that ‘i’ll remember forever’.  Well, if you’re anything like me, you too will know that it’s hard enough to remember what I did last week let alone a joke that made me laugh months ago. Sure, now we have phones, photos and snapchat to capture those moments but they don’t last forever – and again, if you’re anything like me, some of those photos are sacrificed when the dreaded notification comes up telling us we have yet again run out of storage.

phone no storage

To avoid the problem of losing precious memories, my family and I use a much more substantial way of recording our best moments of the year. And that comes in the shape of…. a jar! Call it what you will  “happiness jar” “memory jar” but the concept remains the same. Effectively throughout the year you collect memories and write them down on snippets of paper and just pop them in a jar! Simple enough right?


At the end of the year (in my family we do it on New Years day) you take out all of the memories and read over all the best bits you want to remember about the previous year! After this we usually pop all the notes into a envelope with that year on it and keep them forever! It’s like an alternative to a photo album filled with words rather than pictures. Saying that you could pop photos in your jar, a shell from the beach, a coin from your holiday. Anything and everything could go in it! It’s such a cute and fun way of storing memories from your year!

happy j

Recently i have gotten a polaroid camera and I find that that’s another fab way to capture those little memories and moments and be able to instantly hold it in your hand, hang up in your room or pop in your jar!

(You can get your own polaroid camera here)

For me personally writing down all the happy things in my life has actually really helped me to appreciate the good things in my life and all the things I can be thankful for!

Next year, alongside my “memory jar” I’m going to start one with everything God has done in my life in that year to again help me to appreciate all the good he does in our lives and as encouragement to see that God really is always with us and always helping us even with the smallest things!

Let us know in the comments or on Instagram if you have anything like a “memory jar”, if you’re going to try it out (it’s not to late to start – perfect for your summer memories!) or if there’s another way that you record all your best memories!

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