Our God is Faithful

This week I’ve written a short blog post because I wanted to remind you of one simple (but amazing) truth:

Our God is faithful.

He is faithful to you now and will continue to be even to the end of the universe. He never leaves, never fails and never forsakes! He is your biggest fan and greatest supporter. He is faithful to you even if you aren’t faithful to Him because being in a relationship with God isn’t about how often we have or haven’t read our Bible or how often we pray to God. Therefore, there is no reason to either feel proud or despairing in your relationship with God because it’s not about our performance. It’s about His grace and undying faithful TO US!

So, if you have been struggling lately, I urge you to press into Him regardless, it’s such a challenging thing to do, but you’ll never regret it! He knows exactly how you feel now, and how? -because He has been walking with you through it all too! He’s with you, wraps His arms around you and carries you through the good and tough times.

Therefore, I encourage you, in a society where we are constantly pursuing the next thing, choose today to just rest in Him. Run to your Father again and allow Him to wrap his arms around you.

He loves you so dearly!

May God bless you



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