It’s not about me

It’s not about me.
This is a sentence I need to hear a lot, and something God has been teaching me recently.
Within a Christian setting, it is very easy to turn what we read about how amazing God is into something about how amazing we are. And similarly we taking comfort in who God says we are rather than who God says He is. A classic example is Psalm 139:14 ‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well’. What we often interpret this to mean is something like ‘God says he made me wonderfully and fearfully so I don’t ever have to feel that I’m not beautiful because God says I am beautiful, (so I tell myself this when I’m having a bad spots day)’. Whilst it is true that God has made us all uniquely and purposefully, this verse also helps us to say ‘Wow God, YOU are so amazing. YOU are so wonderful that you made me with great heart-felt interest (fearfully) and so uniquely (wonderfully). YOU took time to make every person on the earth different from each other. Isn’t it amazing that YOU God are so powerful and creative to make us all so uniquely.’ What this does, is it pulls the focus of the text off us wavering humans onto the all powerful, all loving God.
I have tried to tell myself when I look in the mirror at acne covered skin that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and therefore I shouldn’t be sad about the spots on my face. But as much as I have told myself this, it doesn’t make me feel any less upset about having acne or make me genuinely believe that I am beautiful regardless. Only when I stop focusing on myself and start focusing on God do I begin to care less about my acne. I know that my skin will have good days and bad days, and I will feel happy and not so happy with it each day. But knowing when I look in the mirror that it’s not about how I look or how my skin is that matters, but that God says he is so good and so loving and so consistent regardless of how I look and feel is what does matter. It’s not about me having nice skin and feeling confident as a result, it’s about who God is and our relationship with him as a result and where that relationship may take us.
I suppose what I’m getting at is that when we look to God, our own insecurities and worries diminish because it’s not always about how we are, but who He is. When we know who He is, our focus is taken off ourselves and put onto Him.

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