Persistent Prayer 

There must be at least one good thing that you really want or have desired. Something that you have spoken to God about a lot, or a little- big or small, to do with God, for yourself, for someone else, or maybe people you know of.
Today I’m going to encourage you to start praying for that thing again and to keep persisting. I’ve decided to write about this because, probably all of us have let go of things we were praying about when we felt like it was too far fetched or because God didn’t answer our prayer straight away. We might have even thought that because nothing happened we were praying for the wrong thing. Actually, if your prayer was that a friend of yours would ask a few more questions about God, then that was probably very close to God’s heart too. He doesn’t lead us astray, so if God’s answer to your prayer is no, because He has higher plans, He’s going to let you know.
Specifically praying for a member of family to be healed, to get into a university or for inspiration to write a story, whatever it is, it is worth it because God cares. In plasm 37v4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” This is quite a famous bible verse that a lot of us would’ve heard often. But it stays the same from times when your prayer has been answered and when it hasn’t yet. You can lean your life on God’s promises because that is what they’re there for. He promises to give you what want, if you make sure He is first in your life.

So have hope for these things! We always take breaks from praying about all sorts, but maybe there was something specific that the Holy Spirit is reminding you of now, that you could start thinking about again. The chances are, God really wants to answer that prayer and wants to hear you talk about it. Share your dreams and wishes with Him!

Daisy x

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