Submitting to God

Recently, I have really been struck by the story of Mary in the Bible:

She was a virgin, just about to marry the man she loved, was of a young age and probably had limited life experiences.

However, she is told by an angel that she is going to miraculously become pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine being told that!? What would your reaction be? But more astonishing is her reaction, instead of screaming, crying, or questioning what the angel of God said to her, she replied with “I am the Lord’s servant… may your words to me be fulfilled.”

Wow! I wish I could honestly say that I would reply in the same way that she did!

She was living in a time where she could be stoned for being pregnant before being married and yet instead of becoming fearful, panicking over what others may think of her, how this baby would affect her plans or her future, she proclaimed: “I am the Lord’s servant,”.

Nowadays, we live in a society where everything is about “me” “my plans” “my future” and “my identity” and yet what is beautiful to God is a life submitted to him -allowing him to guide and lead us.

Mary’s response is such a great challenge to us. Together let’s choose to give over to God the areas of our lives that we have tried for so long to keep or control using our own strength. When we choose to give over to God these things, our hands are then free to receive his blessings and plans for our lives.

Let’s kneel before our Father in heaven -and submit our lives to him again -the good and the bad.

Have a wonderful week enjoying his presence!


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