Curl Up On The Couch With These Sick-Day Flicks

There’s something about curling up on the sofa underneath a mountain of blankets to half-watch an old favorite film that almost makes being sick worth it. The perfect sick flick is a combination of something light-hearted, something that you might have already seen, and, most importantly, something that you don’t need to pay terribly close attention to (’cause those sick day naps are equally as important). Here are 8 movies, perfectly tailored to see you through disease (or your summer sniffles!)

  1. Finding Nemo (U)


Inside Out” was amazing. Everybody’s talking about “Frozen” (which we are so over by the way)  But a sick day on the couch is the perfect opportunity to revisit your Pixar favorite. If Nemo can find his dad, you can kick this cold.

2. The Goonies (PG)


Who hasn’t seen this ICONIC coming of age, action, adventure 80’s film? The Goonies made us want to go hunt around in our own attics to see if we too have a secret treasure map to lead us on an unforgettable adventure like the gang in the movie. Who would have thought that ‘Mikey’ would end up in one of our favourite movie trilogies “Lord Of The Rings” as Samwise Gangee?

3. ALL the Harry Potter films (PG/12)


The magical world we all grew up loving, what better way to spend your sick day then a Harry Potter marathon?! Watching the actors grow up from the kids they were in the first of the films to the adults they become in the end is a whole emotional journey in itself. The best thing? We grew up with them! Definitely one of my favourite choices in the bunch!

4. We Bought a Zoo (PG)


Is it just me or is this film the sweetest? This “based on a true story” movie tells the tale of one family who move onto an estate in a failing zoo and work together with the staff to save the animals and make a success of the zoo. We Bought a Zoo is on the list because it never fails to cheer me up on those blue days.

5. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (PG)


E.T. is too fab for words. After all this time, like the Goonies, this movie remains a classic and I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t love this story. This film definitely falls into one of those the category of ‘half-watching’ where you don’t have to pay too much attention to the story because we’ve all seen it a thousand times before (not complaining)!

6. Labyrinth (PG)


“I wish the Goblin King would come and take you away… right now!” Labyrinth was the movie of our childhood. The story of one girl, Sarah, learning to love her baby brother was one that almost every older sibling could relate to (minus the goblins, labyrinth, David Bowie and all) along with Sarah making some new friends along the way


7. The Hunger Games (12)


Everyone’s read the books. Everyone’s seen the movies. Everyone was obsessed. The Hunger Games makes the list because it’s one we’ve all seen. No need to concentrate in this film thanks to the plot line no one can forget.

8. Any of the “Toy Story” films (PG)


Toy story provided that long sought after explanation as to what our toys really got up to when we left them alone (we knew it all along!) and we LOVED it! Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the characters captured our hearts and minds as children (and even now) with this captivating animation.

And there you go! Hopefully next time you’re ill this list will help you to fill those mindless hours of drifting in and out of your sick slumber.

Please check age ratings are appropriate before watching films displayed 

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