Revision Tips

It’s that time of year when exams are coming up and lots of us have our heads down revising. I did my GCSE exams last year and somehow survived, so I thought I would share a few exam and revision tips in the hope that they may help you stay productive and motivated: 

1. Start early. I may be a little late saying this but the earlier you start, the less stressed you’ll be when it comes a week before your exam. Little and often is often better than cramming last minute.  

2. Find a revision technique that works for YOU. Listening to music while studying may be effective for your bezza, but may completely distract you. Try out a few different revision techniques, then stick to the one that is most effective. Having said this, mix up the way you revise to keep it fresh.

3. Have a good study space with little distractions. I sometimes went to the library or just sat at my desk with the door closed- somewhere I could spread out and have some quiet. But most importantly, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Having your phone at hand for a few scrolls through insta here and there can add up quickly and before you know it, it’s been half an hour and there’s no work to show for it… (Is this just me?!)

4. Work smart. Something my teachers say all the time but it’s so true. Better to do 1 hour of solid revision, fully concentrating and absorbing the information than 2 hours with half your attention and little information actually going in. If you feel yourself getting too tiered that you can’t properly concentrate…

5. Take a break. There’s no shame in taking regular breaks. If your brain is tiered spend 10/15 minutes doing something else like going outside or making a snack and that way you’ll feel refreshed to go at it again. Find a rhythm that works for you. I use to do 1 hour revising then 15 minutes on a break, but if 30 minutes revising and 5 minute breaks works better for you, do that.

I know exams suck and revision is boring but push through- the summer holidays will come! You can do it- I believe in you gal

Lucy x

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