A Hope For The Nations

“In his name the nations will put their hope.” (Matthew 12:21)
Our nations need God more then ever. And our world is aware of this need. At least- many will strive and do what they can for world peace, they will ‘prayforparis’ and fight until ‘love wins’. But what they are unaware of is that Christ is the ultimate answer to all the problems in this world… He brings peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7), our prayers are always listened to (psalm 145:18-19), and he has victory over all hate, evil and suffering- he is love (1 John 4:8-10).

Yet there are still many countries who do not have thriving churches, or if that, are completely deprived from knowing the Gospel. And God sends us on a mission to change that (Mark 16:15). I think its important to recognise that even though not everyone is called by God to live and plant churches in other countries- that the nations are a calling on all of our lives.

One of the ways we can go on this mission is by praying. Where we are, we can pray for Christians that we know who are in other countries making disciples, because at the front line, there is often attack from the devil and so prayer is such a useful weapon that we mustn’t underestimate. Also as we are all probably aware there is so much in the news and media about political problems, natural disasters, wars and poverty that go on worldwide. When we hear about these things we can say a quick prayer, even in the moment, because God hears us and wants to save his people.

Finally the nations are on our doorstep. Another way we tell the world about Jesus is by telling our friends or even people that we know who are from different parts of the world, about him. If some ended up becoming Christians, perhaps they would feel called in going to their home counties and sharing the good news!

So lets pray, and seek God on how we can bless our world and spread the word.

Daisy x

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