Successful Women 

So this week i decided to share with you guys something i wrote after a conversation i had with a friend about the pressure she felt to act and conform in a certain way. She told me that she felt the only way she would be happy and complete in life was to achieve affirmation and attention from her peers. When she told me that, well honestly it just broke my heart. I thought about our conversation afterwards and felt so sad that my fab friend didn’t feel like she could be her full beautiful self because she constantly felt in competition and comparison to the girls and world around her. I wrote this for her, for myself and for every other gal that feels, even if only occasionally, that they must achieve a certain standard in life in order to be accepted. Hope you enjoy x

Successful women attain honour
 but it’s tough to attain success

When the world surrounding is forever compounding the rejection of true beauty and truth

And replacing these with ugly cults of lies and falsehood

Where I am told

“You are not enough”

“Without me you can’t achieve”

“You need more attention to make you complete”

“You will only be beautiful when the they say you are”

“You’ll only be accepted when I go so far”

See the context with its underlying subtext

Is confronting my individuality

Shouting my beauty is ugly, and its beauty should be my reality

Society, propriety, tells me to strive at perfection

But what shines in the mirror is my own true reflection

That screams out my flaws and glaring limitations

Adding to the destructive belief, fuelled by a cunning thief

My success will not be a life end destination

My impact on the world will not come close to my aspirations

“I dreamed a dream” a best-selling song in my head

“Reach for the stars” lyrics declared dead

Now I know those were numbered days

Mere hours of hope, confidence and sheer naivety

Yet now I too easily embrace a common slavery

The chains of my environment limiting my movement

The words of my government dictating my improvement

My fate is my master, and by his words I am bound

Destined to pull and drag me down

But I am not some puppet whose strings need to be pulled

I am no longer a lump of clay that you can still mould

See I let labels define me from an early age

But no more will I be confined to this cage

But then I started wondering

What’s a following, when the one to follow fails to get through to me

Because my mind is concerning with what others are pondering?

So I will not conform any longer to patterns predicted

Nor will I accept the tags added, not the comments dictated

There is no large following to whom I am bestowed

Why am I so willing to embrace ideals that I am sold?

What stops me from challenging the tales I am told?

“I am nothing nor will I ever be”

“A hopeless plea, with no potential, utterly shameful, fully wasteful”

“Limited choices derived from problems I face”

Lost on this highway of self-fulfilling prophecy

I have learnt to stop and dare to think differently

For my identity goes deeper than any titles I own

And my compassion will go further than the world seems to know

For I will not abide by any expectation too quickly placed

But tackle head-on every challenge I face

I will weigh all criticisms, and use such weight to make me stronger

For at the end of my days my happiness is longer

Humility, purity, walk justly, rejecting vanity

These are thoughts that define my sanity

Valued like rubies, the success of true beauty

Shaped by the artist, and not just some characters

The painting is not finished, and I still have time

For I am loved and my life is divine.

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