Interview: The Face Behind Clarity Mag 

We had the fab opportunity to chat with magazine ‘Clarity’ editor-in-chief Taylor about her mag, doubt and coming to Christ! If you haven’t heard of Clarity yet (although we’re sure you will soon!) their magazines cover sex, relationships, beauty, health, world, career and more. The magazine hopes to build a strong community of women who wake up excited to live out the day, confident in their abilities, identity and dreams. The Made For More team LOVE Clarity and hope you’ll love this little insight into the face behind it just as much as we love the magazine!

What made you start Clarity? 

When I was a teen I was reading all of the leading titles. Cosmo was my bible. And yet when I became a Christian, there was nothing out there that didn’t contradict my beliefs and lifestyle choices!

What’s been the biggest challenge about running a magazine? 

Running on faith alone! It can be difficult! I work with a team of volunteers which means trusting that our vision is strong enough to keep the team passion alive.

How do you overcome that difficulty or doubt? 

When we get emails from young women who are so glad Clarity exists – it reignites that drive! We do this for our female readers. We receive so many emails that thank us for covering sensitive topics like pornography addiction, periods or even simple encouragements. It’s amazing.

How did you come to Christ?

So it could be a long story! But I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. I started going to church to spend time with my Grandma when I was 16. I got so interested in the message I was hearing that I continued attending, often hungover! I ended up at a large Christian festival and was filled with be Holy Spirit for the first time. After a lot of crying and laughter, I knew I had met with God and became a Christian. Of course that was the beginning…

What’s one piece of advice you would like to give to Christian girls?

Comparison is a killer so don’t do it. And if things aren’t perfect yet, it proves you’re a human and still on your way! Run the race mapped out for you, you were made to handle it.

Thanks for chatting with us Taylor, we’re pumped for the future of Clarity!

If you’d like to order ‘Clarity’ or find out more about the mission behind the magazine then click here!

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