I’m a massive fan of interiors- making a space into something that reflects your personality and somewhere you can let your creative juices flow. I am fortunate enough to have my own room and have my own space to play around with, which I have definitely done. I thought I could share a couple of ways that I have decorated my own room to maybe give you some roomspiration (have I just made that up?!) while keeping the price low.
My number one tip to anyone is to fill the room with plants. The greener the better. Foliage makes the room feel fresher and brings the outside in. If you’re reading this thinking ‘as if I could keep a plant alive’…fake plants! Pop down to Ikea or TK max and for a couple of pounds you have yourself an evergreen. Win Win. But if you do fancy keeping some real house plants, I would recommend a Peace Lily or a succulent as they are both super easy to care for.

Fairy lights are also great. They act as perfect mood lighting in the evenings and make the room feel cosy and oh-so-dreamy. They aren’t too expensive either depending on where you get them from. They look super cute around a bed frame, over shelves or even pinned up along the walls.

Finding old items and giving them new life is great for adding a bit of character to the room as well as keeping costs low. One time after church, the school we meet in was throwing out old school equipment into a skip. I had a rummage around and found an old science trolley that was perfect to store all my art equipment and other bits and pieces in. I got the trolley home, gave it a bit of TLC and now it looks super funky next to my desk. Something I would have never found in a shop and I got it absolutely free.

A little DIY you could try is stencilling on a word or quote that you love onto whatever surface you can find. I found a piece of flood board and painted the word ‘Joy’ on to remind me to be joyful in God in the day to day. I used some blue-tack to stick it above my bed and I love it. This was literally so simple and again was completely free.

‘Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love’ Nate Berkus

Lucy x

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