Fresh Start

I must admit that I really am a fan of setting goals at the beginning of each year- I feel like it’s a fresh start and a chance to get rid of old habits and bring in new ones. The start of each year also brings a time to reflect on the previous one, all the highlights and the lowlights to see what could be different in the months to come.

For me 2016 was a great year- I completed my GCSEs, had a super long summer and became Prom Queen (whoop). But I know that there are quite a few things that were missing from last year that I want to put in place this year.

Here’s a couple of my goals for this year in the hope that they might inspire you to make some of your own:

Read the whole Bible in one year- Following a set plan that makes you read a large chunk of the Bible each day is such a good tool to help you read the books you would usually avoid as well as increasing your overall bible knowledge. It also requires you to actively ask God to illuminate what He wants to say to you in a piece of text that maybe you yourself can find no relevance in. There are apps you can download (alpha BIoY) or you could just print off a plan from Google.

Go places- God created such an amazing world, so this year I want to get out and explore the places around me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be far away but I want to make the choice to be out and about rather than sitting at home on Insta!

Intentional growth- We are always growing in our faith. However last year I think I expected to grow spiritually without putting in the real time and perseverance that spiritual growth needs. I’m going to try and change that this year and make conscious choices to help grow my walk with Jesus. Things like attending the 6am prayer meeting at church, making time to meet up with a mentor or maybe joining a serving team are all great ways to actively pursue God in the day to day.

2017 is going to be a year of putting God first.


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