Something that God’s been teaching me lately which I’d like to share with you is what it truly means to be joyful.

When I used to think of joy, I’d think of sunny skies with people dancing, smiling and laughing. However, that is not what the Bible says joy is. Joy isn’t happiness -it can sometimes be a sign of joy but it doesn’t define what joy truly is.

In one of my favourite Christian songs it says “the joy of the Lord is my strength”. Joy isn’t sunny days or always feeling “on top of the world”. No! Joy comes from a deep sense of peace in your spirit so that no matter what happens today, tomorrow, next year or in a difficult family situation or busy exam season, you know that everything will be ok because through it all Jesus sits on his throne victorious over it all. Halleluiah! When this truth is firmly rooted in your heart, you will find you just can help but rejoice in God!

Joy can be found in the most mundane, tiring or emotional days because as it says in Matthew 7:7, all you need to do is ask the Holy spirit (for joy) in a particular situation and he will gladly give it to you. When Jesus is your source of joy, he will provide you with the strength to endure and remain where God has placed you with perseverance and peace.

Jesus is the fount of all joy -keep drawing back to him, where the only true and lasting source of joy can be found.


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