Thinking about purpose in God, I realised it would be hard to write about ‘how to find our specific purposes or plans for our lives’, when God seems to reveal things to us in different ways for different people. After all he knows what each of his children need because we are all very different and have different life paths ahead of us.

If your someone who is a bit concerned because you don’t know specifically what God wants you to do, have no fear!! I assure you that many christian teenagers and adults are in that very position. The first piece of advice I can give, is that you approach bringing this before God with a heart that wants to commit fully to Him and wants to give him glory. This pleases God so much and allows him to work with someone who’s willing to obey and trust him in anything. Ask God also to open your ears or other’s to his voice again, to see if he does want to speak to you about your future. If nothing happens, don’t panic, keeping trusting him…

Sometimes it isn’t God’s way to speak clearly to you from day 1. Instead, your own ideas and plans could be just as valid and exactly what he wants for you. If you have peace for it and you’ve perhaps spoken to some Christian friends, don’t be afraid to go for your own plans or career choices! If you’re good at acting or good at science for example, those skills are gifts from God, so use them!! As long as your heart is always fully open to God and you’re ready to obey him in whatever circumstance. (Proverbs 16v3)

Just remember, God is for you, not against you so keep trusting him in seasons of confusion and clarity and he’ll bring you to good place. (Jeremiah 29v11)

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