Connecting when unconnected

Growing up church-planting and moving i found it really hard to get a Christian group around me of my age who supported me. It’s so important to have that connection as it gives us someone to pray with, cry with and just share the highs and lows of life with!
The bible says that we should “spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another” and honestly i think this is so important in our faiths! Talking to others about where we are at in our faith, what problems we’re facing etc, is so crucial – just to get that fresh perspective. These people can be the ones you pray with, the ones who challenge you and the ones who inspire you!

So the question is, if you’re ‘alone’ in your youth group or church – where do you get that from? For about four years, i was the only teenager in my church (excluding my brother) which made me feel really isolated. I looked at all of these other youth groups i knew an did they all had people their age supporting each other! I kind of felt angry at God at the time for not giving me that network that so many other people had. Looking back on it now im actually really grateful for that time because i showed myself that my faith could stand strong through times of doubt and loneliness and reminded me where’s i draw strength from- that it’s not from my relationships with others but from my relationship with God! In other words, the isolation i felt helped me mature in my faith and now i’m grateful for it, however that didn’t make it any less painful at the time.

After it all i still wanted this important “connect group” around me of people my age! We constantly prayed that’s more teenagers would come to church but there still didn’t seem to ben much change. Basically when i was 14 i just decided that “hey, God will bring someone at then perfect time, that just might not be now” and i realised i could get my support in other ways. So without further ado, here are my best two  ways of staying connected to your Christian buddies:

  • Social Media- thanks to modern day technology keeping in touch with friends now is a breeze! Relating back to prayer me and my buddy Daisy, will agree a time (over snapchat usually!) to pray about  certain thing and then we have a little feedback session! Long Distance praying is as good as any other a way!
  • Get stuck in – whilst my church didn’t have many youth, other churches nearby did! Getting involved there has been really cool recently and encouraging too as there are so many more teenagers going for God than you realise, they are such fab people too and it’s such a joy and privilege to be able to praise Jesus and chill out with them!

I hope this mish-mash of a post has encouraged you in some way or another! If nothing else remember you are never alone when you have Christ!

D x

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