Interview: Becki Cox – Loved and chosen by God

Recently i had the awesome privilege of talking to Becki Cox and asking her some questions about her faith and her life! Here it is:

What was your experience growing up as a Christian?

I was born into a wonderful Christian family, attended church most weeks growing up. I remember vividly the moment I gave my life to Jesus when I was Aged 5 in a church service & going home feeling elated.
I always knew deep down that I believed in God & would definitely have said I grew up a christian but I also know that many other things also got my attention. Harmless things like gymnastics and trampolining competitions etc. And more harmful things, popularity, guys & being ‘cool’.
I had a very happy life but I guess there was always something underneath it all that never left me fully satisfied. I went through a bit of a journey between being 15-18 which just left me questioning some events in my life that had happened. I had dreams when I was younger of where I was going to study, that I would get to do trampolining most of my days and have a sporting life. I fell of the trampoline at a competition and snapped a ligament in my knee which meant I couldn’t compete again. It’s quite a mix of events but essentially that’s when I started to get into music & ended up deciding I wanted to study photography at Sussex University. Through those years it was like I had an identity crisis. Everything I knew about myself had changed, it wasn’t who I once was. I was the sporty one at school who won everything, I then became the one always on crutches and without much of an identity. Those years definitely challenged my faith & at moments I would say I wasn’t always fully walking on the path God was leading me on. Then I moved to Brighton at 18. Joined my church CCK, which exposed me to new teaching and further revelation on the Holy Spirit & introduced me to wonderful teaching on Grace. It also exposed me to an expression of worship that gripped me & made me feel at home. That was 10 years ago now & I haven’t looked back. God knew what he was doing & it’s wonderful to look back & realize God’s plans for us are always greater than we can imagine. My assumption is, if I hadn’t fallen of the trampoline that day I may not have made it to Brighton, may not have met my husband Sam & wouldn’t have my two amazing children in my life. So although a painful experience to journey I love looking back and seeing that Romans 8:28 is so very true – That God works ALL things together for the good of those that love him!
That’s so awesome! When/how did you know you wanted to use music for God’s glory?

As you can tell from above music wasn’t always at the front of my mind and heart. I grew up playing the recorder & the flute & always loved a good sing along especially at karaoke! I joined the school worship band around 15 because my friends were all part of it and sang with them at different Christian Union events etc.
Then the summer before University I was at a youth conference & over the space of that week had 3 different and very separate unrelated people come to me with prophetic words about songwriting/singing/leading worship etc.
I took it as a nudge from God & when I moved to uni I sat in my room most days learning the guitar & leading myself in worship. It was something new that had been birthed in me & I decided to wait & see what God had planned. Over the following 10 years which brings us to the present day, God has slowly opened up new doors & kept giving me nudges into areas of worship leading that stretch and challenge me but always help me lean on him.
Have you got any specific stories of faith that you want to share? 

This actually carries on from above and the prophetic words I had been given at age 17. One of the things that was said about songwriting was that I was going to use events in my life that have felt challenging & not your everyday life story to write songs for people in those similar situations. A year prior to that word my dad had suddenly passed away & I assumed that was one of the situations God would use.
So as I began my songwriting journey I went straight to writing songs about that journey and how God had bought me through that season with a strong sense of his faithfulness surrounding me.
However years had passed and it just wasn’t working. I stopped writing and thought that word must have just been slightly worded wrong or something. Then in 2014 my husband and I had a series of events that simply lifted the rug from beneath our feets. The security of a home that allowed for us to financially be in the jobs we were in was lost, a big family situation came about & then two dear friends of ours 3 month old baby passed away suddenly. These three events happened within the space of 1 week & that was the beginning of us journeying with God, asking questions, trying to understand things we can’t ever understand. We also in that time decided to explore some other big decisions that left us with more questions, we lived out of suitcases & had more and more of our stable life taken away. Work we had was gone, most of our belongings broke. We basically had a whole year of things on one level or another being taken away, things changing, and came to summer 2015 with things looking so different. There was heaps of unanswered prayers still with us but new we were in a better place of knowing and understanding God than where we had been when that week began a year ago.

As we came to songwriting for Newday I felt God quite specifically say ‘Write about this last year and all you’ve learnt’. So I went to Sam and explained what we had to do and so we tried. And we tried again. And then one day we sat down & it all came out. We simply spoke out the truth of what we had learnt this last year. And that’s how the song ‘I believe’ came about.
It was then months later when stories started to come in of how the song has served many people going through different situations and circumstances and helped them keep their eyes on God’s faithfulness and goodness that I realised this lined up with those prophetic words give 10 years prior! God is so good at keeping his word and when he speaks he knows what he is saying. I also find it hugely encouraging and humbling that God would use our journey to help others on theirs.
Lastly, what one piece of advice would you give to Christian girls?

Your identity needs to be rooted in who you are in Christ & not what you do.
A good friend of mine challenged me not too long ago on this. They questioned if I was fully holding all my identity in who i am in Christ. A loved daughter, a precious and chosen child of God. Known by God, loved by him, chosen by him.

Too often we look to find our identity in what we do. If you’re a worship leader it might be how well you lead, how people responded. If you’re taking exams I might be how well you performed in them, did you come top of the class. Did you win that competition, did you solve that problem, are you the popular one etc.

Here’s the thing…… What we do IS NOT who we are. Your successes and failures don’t change your identity. Your identity is ALWAYS found in Christ.

When I got this & Changed my mindset on this it freed me from so many little things I’d been holding onto. If I get up on stage & start singing a song in the wrong key it ultimately doesn’t matter! Hooray! It doesn’t change my identity! I may be thought of as a less skilled musician but thats not my end goal. I am God’s workmanship, I am his daughter. I am not Becki Cox – Worship leader. I am Becki Cox – Loved and chosen by God. This is my one thing to encourage you to seek after. Fight off what the world wants you to believe.
Yes we need to work hard in life. I’m not saying don’t revise, don’t bother with exams, or don’t train yourself to be a skilled musician. Those things are still important. But they aren’t who you are. They don’t define you so don’t let them. The world wants you to think they define you but I promise you they don’t have to. The joy & freedom in knowing our identity in him is something so special. Go after it & go after him.

Becki – Loved and Chosen by God x

You can listen to Becki & Sam Cox’s new album ‘I Believe’ on itunes or order it now on

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