Spiritual gifts

“In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophecy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams” (Joel 2v28)
One of the many joys of being part of God’s family is that He will pour out His spirit on us. Included in this package are spiritual gifts. I wanted to focus on this, partly because this topic excites me but also because I want to encourage those who’ve accepted Jesus to keep on perusing God for them!
A few things; At least 25 gifts of the spirit are mentioned throughout the bible, but many books condense these into shorter lists i.e 1 Corinthians 12v8-10 mentions the famous nine. (A word of wisdom, word of knowledge, gift of faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, distinguishing between spirits, tongues and interpretation of tongues.) Each of us are given specific gifts and different measures of them from God. If you feel like you’re not too sure which ones you have, a good indicator of you having one e.g a word of knowledge, is that you’ll perhaps feel more excited or passionate about that. You can also ask friends at church to have a think about where you might be gifted and also discuss in more depth what some of them mean. As I said before, spiritual gifts are free and God loves to give good gifts to his children, so do not hesitate to pray about receiving them!
Ultimately, the purpose of these gifts are meant for blessing, encouraging, building other people up and also reflecting God’s amazing glory. In Corinthians, it further explains that each of us in the church is like a different part in the body and we can’t function fully without each other. Whatever gifts you have, do not underestimate how powerfully God can use them to bless other people! I also want to address the fact that no matter what age you are you have a place in the body of christ (the church), God just wants to use anyone that is willing to bless people through their spiritual gifts. So get excited about God, your gifts and building the church up! You’re destined for this!

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