Prayer is simply a way of talking to God; telling Him your wants, desires and thanks. God already knows lots of these things (Matthew 6:8) but He loves it when His children come and talk to Him.

Recently I’ve found the Lords prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) a helpful tool when I’m unsure what to pray about. Jesus gave us this to help us in our prayer lives, so lets use it!

I particularly like the verse ‘give us today our daily bread’. It reminds me that we need to come to God to ask Him for what we need that day, and then do the same tomorrow and the day after. A helpful analogy is that we eat meals three times a day. We wouldn’t skip a day of meals because we know it is crucial to our body’s well being, so why would we skip praying each day when we know it is crucial to our souls well being? We get to talk with the creator of the universe each and every day- why skip that?!

Prayer is a two way conversation; we talk and God listens, God talks and we listen. Its important to spend time waiting and listening to what God wants to say to us.

If you find that your prayer life is a bit dry, here’s a couple prayer points that you could come back to:

  • Pray for yourself- your future, your gifts, your needs
  • Pray for friends and family- their salvation, your relationships with them, their struggles
  • Pray for world crisis’- look on the news and pray for current situations
  • Pray scripture- Pray over Gods promises and  Jesus’ teachings





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