Dealing with the desert

I think it’s fair to say that everyone faces different seasons in their lives. (E.g, a student leaving home for university would be entering a new season of her life.) In christianity, it’s the same. There will be days, weeks and months, where spiritually, we’re just feeling really ‘on fire’ for God. Equally, there will be days, weeks and even months, when talking to God, reading our bibles will feel like a real struggle, or perhaps we will feel so far away from God. There will be obstacles, all shapes and sizes in our individual lives, but God promises to give us what we need in order to get through the “dry seasons” (Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:37&38)

One thing I wanted to say is that you are not alone in the fight. An easy misconception or lie that the devil can tell us is that we’re the only ones going through tough times and as a result it can leave us stuck in the rut isolated. This is not what God wants for us! In fact it’s normal for christians to experience “dry seasons”, so that we can help and empathise with each other in order to get through them. Sometimes we ask God to directly help us or give us the answer/show us the way, but I think God does this, a lot of the time, through our relationships with other people. Next time you’re fighting a spiritual battle, I encourage you to go to other christians that you trust and share your difficulties, so that they can walk alongside you and give you guidance. This kind of stuff is so healthy and essential to the christian journey.

For some of us, the issue is finding it hard to pray. I’ve often found myself, in bed, talking to God and then just giving up because it feels like I’m speaking to the wall and the words are just bouncing back to me again. I told my mum about this and she was surprised that the amount of presence I felt from God, effected the way I prayed! She knew that God was listening just as much on a good day, as he was on a bad day; God is faithful, even when we’re not! So when praying be encouraged that Jesus cares so so much and listens every little word or thought that goes through your mind no mate what your circumstance is.
So, know that God will never leave you nor forsake you in the trials and invite other christians in your church to journey with you… and lastly, these seasons don’t last forever and Jesus always brings us through to a time of joy, so don’t ever lose heart! (Psalm 30:5)

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