skincare on a budget

About a year ago i had this mini revelation that the reason i felt i was so in need of makeup (even though i wasn’t) was because i felt my skin was pretty bad. I then decided to focus more on actual skincare and trying to prevent breakouts rather than just covering up my spots when they appeared. I can’t really tell how much better my skin looks since starting my new regime but that was never the end goal for me. I can feel how much healthier, cleaner and happier my face is every single day! it feels fab! In light of my success i thought i’d share with you guys some of my favourite products to pamper your skin!

1. The basic face wipe


For as cheap as £1, don’t take face wipes for granted, they’re great for giving your skin a quick refreshment when your in a rush and getting rid of any basic makeup you may have left behind. This leads me on to…

2. Makeup remover


With a wide range of cost on makeup remover i’ve found the average to be about £5 plus some cotton pads to apply it with. Makeup remover is fab even if you only wear a minimal amount like i do, it cleans away any traces of your concealer or mascara that you might have missed. As you probably already know it is essential to wash makeup off your face every night in order to allow your pores time to breath before you pop it back on the next morning

3. Neutrogena facial scrub


2 for £5 at Boots is a true deal for Neutrogena face scrubs! I gotta say i do really love this one, i’ve found that for me this scrub really does work! If you catch a breakout in it’s early stage and use a small bit of this it can be completely gone by the next morning! Incredible! The only drawback i’ve found so far is that using it too often along with other facial scrubs and creams can seriously dry out your skin. I’d say if you wanna go down the facial scrub route only use 1 type a day once. Don’t overdo it! It can be worse than it was in the first place!

4. Moisturiser


My Simple moisturiser was about £4 and it works wonders! Again like the scrub make sure you don’t excessively use it but i’ve only ever found it to be a super moisturiser! It softens skin and after an exfoliating sesh can be super soothing to your skin! Moisturiser is so important and i’d totally recommend it for everyone!

5. Exfoliator


My ocean salt exfoliator from Lush was about £5! Exfoliating is super important because without it the body is slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones. When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull, rough, and dry. the build-up of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne. Nasty! Exfoltiliating is great for your skin and leaves you feeling great afterwards as your skin feels super soft!

So those are my top five relatively cheap skincare products that i would recommend to pretty my everyone! Always remember though that it doesn’t matter how soft your skin is or spotty you are or anything else because true beauty is on the inside! My skin isn’t perfect to any extent and this post isn’t about getting perfect skin for the sake of looking good, i only believe it’s important to keep our skin as healthy as we can:) At the end of the day though how good my skin is will not affect my next life, so it’s nothing to worry about!<3


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