How To: Dutch Braid

Four weeks into a new academic year full of new stationary, new teachers and lots of homework can leave you feeling uninspired and quite simply: bored. So why not try out this hairstyle to freshen up your school morning routine?

This braid uses the same technique as French braiding but instead when new hair is incorporated, it is added underneath rather than on top…

…if that has just really confused you then bear with me, the step by step guide underneath is there to help you along.

(Difficulty: moderate.)

First of all take a small section of hair at the front of your head and split it into three equal sections.img_6254

Next take the third strand and place it under the middle strand (so that the middle strand sits on top) as shown below:img_6256

Now place the first strand under the (new) second strand of hair.img_6257

Take the third strand of hair (which is the piece nearest your parting) and add a new unincorporated piece of hair to this strand so that it increases in size. Take this big third strand and –just the same as before- take the third strand and place it underneath the middle strand so that the middle strand sits on top.img_6260

Repeat this process so that every time you place either the first or third strand under the middle strand, you also add a new piece of unincorporated hair.img_6262

Continue Dutch braiding until you reach the back of your head, then plait but do not add any new hair. Tie off with a hairband.img_6265

Proceed and braid on the other side of your parting using the technique explained above.img_6269

For those who like their hair looser, go back through and tease some of your hair out of the Dutch braid and the plait at the bottom.img_6273
















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