(not so hot) yoga

As a rugby playing, cross country running sort of gal, yoga never crossed my mind as being a challenging or ‘proper’ work out – until I embarked on a 30 day yoga challenge.

I think yoga is now one of my favourite activities. It is such a great whole body workout, involving stretches, postures, breathing techniques and mindfulness. Despite its Hindu roots, I’ve found it beneficial for not only my body and mind but also my relationship with God. I’ve loved the half hours I’ve spent peacefully (& sometimes painfully!!) stretching and breathing and praying. Giving me a chance to just be and talk to God, I’m reminded of Mary in the Bible when Jesus visits her and her sister in their home and she just sits and listens to Him. It can be so hard to find time to sit and listen to God when our lives can be so crazy busy but yoga gives me the perfect daily opportunity to be like Mary. I can just be mindful and listen to God too (once I’ve got over the slightly strange terminology and the weirdness of being told to ‘breathe into your muscles’!!).

Spending time relaxing, being mindful and listening to God is SO important. There’s so much going on in our lives and so much God wants to chat to us about.

So, be like Mary – although I’m 98% sure she didn’t do yoga, she did sit and listen to God. And be like me, and try a new way of spending time with God.

Namaste. X


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