Boxed in

Isolation is a painful thing, whether it’s in your school, your church or just generally we all know the feeling of being left out the crowd. In the recent years of my life I’ve struggled with the whole aspect of “isolation”. For just under 5 years at my church I had no one my age and was the only girl in my youth. That was tough, I mean, I think we can really take for granted the Jesus lovin gals that we have to go through life with us.

I found it hard not having that friend to be with me in my faith, in school etc, so I had to find alternatives to get that sisterly support.

1) Keep in touch – while you may feel or be isolated where you are, thanks to social media and Skype it’s pretty easy to keep in touch with some fab Christian girls who can be just as supportive as the ones at home. Have long distance friends in faith is something I’d actually recommend for everyone, irrelevant to your home life, it can be great to get a fresh perspective from someone who can see the big picture in what ever you may be freaking out about! Do day trips to see each other, it’s usually a lot easier than it seems!

2) Get Christian women supporting you – while you may not be able to surround yourself by girls your age, make sure you get connected with women in your church who will love and support you! (Total props to the women in my church for being so encouraging, accepting and loving! You all inspire me so much! So grateful for you, you guys rock!) If you feel comfortable enough, Mums are always a great option too! Ever since I started being more open with my Mum about life, I’ve just felt so much happier – she is too cool;)

3) Go all out for God – one of the awesome things about Christianity is that he will never leave us. He is always with us and as long as we know that we will never feel truly alone! Honestly I used to use my “isolation” as an excuse to not pray as and read my bible as much, but the only person that was hindering was me. Really I think that being on my own and having the independence of taking control of my own faith really helped me to grow within it! When I allowed myself to realise that I saw myself exploring further into Christianity than ever before and learning more about the Lord than I had ever thought I would. So just pray, pray, pray! He shows himself to us when we ask him to!

To summarise, be reminded that you ever never alone in your faith. Your best friend, who knows the inner workings of your heart better than you do, never leaves your side. There are always people rooting for you and make sure you keep connected with them! THEY LOVE YOU!

Im rooting for you! We’re all in our faith together gals ❤


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