How To: Twisted Braid

The beginning of a new school year means two things; saying goodbye to those flattering summer clothes you brought from your latest family holiday, and hello to the beginning of greasy, tight and boring hairstyles as you rush out the door to avoid those looming late detentions.

Below are instructions to a quick but effective school hairstyle that can be used on those rushed school mornings or to bring a change to your everyday school hairstyles.

(Difficulty: moderate.)

To begin with take a piece of hair from the front of your head and split it into two equal pieces.1

Next place the strand of hair at the front of your head over the second strand.2

Now add a piece of hair that is closer to your ear and add it to the new strand of hair at the front of your head. Then pass this incorporated strand over the second strand of hair.3

Repeat this technique of adding a new piece of hair to the front strand and placing it over the second strand (as indicated below).4

Keep this going all the way around the bottom of the head and stop the twist when you reach your opposite shoulder. Tie the end with a thin hairband to hold securely.5

Make another twisted braid on the other side of your head in the same way as before, but only braid to your ear.6

You now have three sections of hair: one from the twist around your head, the second of loose (unused) hair and the third section of hair that was used to make the twisted braid to your ear. These three sections are then used to make an ordinary plait.IMG_6236 7.jpg

For those who like their hair looser, go back through and tease some of your hair out of the twisted braid and the plait at the bottom.

Voila! Your hair is now complete!


Now that you have know how to create a basic twisted braid, you can start experimenting to make other hairstyles like this one below:

(This was achieved by creating two twisted braids from both sides of the head and then tying the two twists together.)







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