Adventure Is Out There

‘Adventure is out there!’ I like that line from Up. It’s exciting, makes you want to dream BIG and have a go at anything. But… when we start looking at the finer details and the exams crop up, suddenly (and sadly) what the future holds, can turn into a daunting anxiety. I’m only going into year 11 this year and I’m already feeling the heated pressures coming from all directions. Ever thought things like; how can I even think about that when I can’t get a decent grade in maths… she can do it better so what’s the point This was not what I planned, I just can’t…It’s crippling.
However, (this is the good bit) with God this is not the story line. When I did my summer mocks, which were apparently, supposed to ‘change the course of my life’ and ‘dictate everything that would ever happen to me’, the bible verse ‘cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you’ struck a chord. In those weeks, I knew Jesus wanted me to give all my worries and fears of imperfection to him. When we do this it’s a huge trust statement as we let go of the weights on our shoulders as they roll onto his. It was so freeing to walk into the exam halls knowing that whatever happened, it was in his hands. I just had to give it my best shot.
The second verse I liked was Romans 8v28. I didn’t know until recently but that verse is nicknamed ‘the fortress’, which sounds very reassuring. It’s so important to know that if we don’t get the results we wanted, or just when disappointing things happen in life, it does not in any way affect God’s plan for us, as it says in the verse i mentioned,  ‘all things work together for good, for all those who love God.’ This is a verse of such security and is a promise we can hold on to. What would you do if it was impossible to fail? Well with God it is impossible to fail because he works all things for our good even if it appears different to how we may expect.

I want to end with this verse from proverbs 31v25: ‘She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.’ For us girls, security in God is so important if we want to fully embrace the future. Life will throw a lot of obstacles and challenges at us and standing firm in God’s truth and trusting him, will enable us to do that and to enjoy it with a bit of laughter!


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