Choose Courage or Comfort. You can’t have both.

As the only outspoken Christian in my year, I often struggled with speaking out in my faith at school. Everyone knew I was a Christian and along with the ‘label’ came some pretty insulting stuff. The daily jokes and teasing made at the expense of me and my beliefs made me feel more isolated and alone in my faith.

The only time I would really talk to people about what I believed was in the occasional RS lesson, and even then I felt very conscious of people judging me. I was torn between wanting to tell my friends about this awesome God I had but not having the boldness to do so. I thought I was letting God down because I couldn’t do something that he’s called us all to do, be disciples.

Internally I battled with this for about a year until I spoke to someone about it at a Christian Festival, they offered to pray for me and when they did I just felt that I had to tell my friends about Christ. But to be honest, I didn’t feel immediate courage, my worries and doubts were lessened but still there.

After the festival I went home and, although nervous, I set myself a goal, to tell one friend about my faith by the end of the summer. I met up with a friend soon after and she asked about the festival I had gone to. At that moment I said a small prayer in my head something like “help me say the right thing Lord!” and I told her about the festival. I told her what I believe and who I was worshiping. The words just flowed out my mouth and she listened to it all! Despite that I was still expecting a response of ‘great thanks don’t really care’, but at the end she said “wow that’s really cool! It sounds really awesome!” It may seem like a small thing, but for me that was so pivotal in telling my friends about my faith and having the courage to do so without fear of judgement.

So what’s the point of that long story?
The point my friend is that God wants us to be daring in our faith. The title of this post is “Choose Courage or Comfort. You can’t have both.” I chose this because God has plans for each and every one of us that can involve stepping out of where we’re comfortable, letting go completely of ourselves and holding on to God. Telling my buddies about Jesus was certainly not a comfortable option for me but he wants us to be speaking out for him and if stepping out my comfort zone is something Jesus is telling me to do then I’m down.


8 thoughts on “Choose Courage or Comfort. You can’t have both.

  1. Loved this post, really encouraging and honest. When God has asked me to step out in faith it is definitely scary, because I know how much I’m relying on him! But then I just remind myself what a faithful God I serve and try to keep on at it!


    1. Thank you so much that’s very lovely, and that’s so exciting! Let us know how you’re getting on and be reminded that HE IS FOR YOU!:)


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